Morgan Creek Cabinet Company

Morgan Creek Cabinet Company offers a personal approach to high-end and luxury cabinets of enduring beauty.  For more than thirty years our customers throughout the Southeast have enjoyed cabinetry that has the natural elegance of objects carefully made by hand.  We design and build cabinets for every room of your home, always suited to meet your needs and personal taste.  Whether the style is one of quiet simplicity or elaborate ornament, our cabinetry is a sophisticated balance of artful design, flawless craftsmanship, and carefully cultivated finishes.

     All of our cabinetry is designed and built in our own workshop from the finest raw materials and hardware.  Our nearby design studio is located in a 19th century building in the heart of downtown Acworth, Georgia.  It offers designers, architects, and homeowners a showcase to explore our rich and varied collection of many cabinet styles, architectural details, hardware, and finishes.

     We provide full cabinet design services, including kitchen planning, but we happily perform the designs of others as well, offering design professionals and builders our highly-developed resources in cabinet design and technique.  

    Come visit our design studio to see how our cabinetry can help make your home a uniquely personal vision.