Morgan Creek Cabinet Company

Cabinetmaking is an art at Morgan Creek.  Our process begins with design but, like all of the fine cabinetmaking of the past, our design is part of a unified whole that includes joinery, finishing, and installation.  We offer full kitchen planning services but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our personal approach, developed over thirty years of making heirloom-quality cabinets and furniture, brings into play a deep and rich array of resources.

    These resources include a familiarity with the historical elements of style and a vast library of design details that allow us to create interesting and original styling in doors, cabinet faces, moldings, islands, range hoods and other cabinet features--all of them personally developed by Morgan Creek.   We have also developed an unlimited repertoire of fine cabinet finishes that include historic waxes and polishes, milk paints, fine lacquers, oils and varnishes, and painted finishes created from enamels and colored varnishes that offer suble but rich visual interest.

     Whether you are an architect, designer, owner or builder, our most important resource is you.   Our mission is not only to build beautiful and lasting cabinets, but to work in concert with your architect, builder, and designer to create stunning interiors  so perfectly suited to your new home they become your dream realized.